Hannu Palovuori Photography | About

And you want to know all about me? Oh goody! 

As I said , my passion started when I was 16 years old.  The first interchangeable lens camera was Canon AT-1, with all manual settings. My mom wanted me to learn how to properly use a camera, and that I did.

I shoot Boudoir, Pin Up, Automotive and Portraits, which are my first and foremost passion. Musicians, Artists, Families are on my favourite subjects list as well. Landscape pictures I shoot when I need to recharge my batteries, and enjoy the solitary moment. 

Weddings..I love them, especially if I am an invited guest! Seriously, I will do few selected weddings. If you are having some out of ordinary wedding, then I am at your service! Zombie weddings, location weddings, theme weddings, let's get planning! 

I love shooting events, concerts and all gatherings of people. 

Now that you have read my short by line and looked at my pictures, I hope that you did enjoy seeing my work.  Next thing for us to do, in make some memories that will last a lifetime.